Today marks one week on the road. We are writing to you from Lowe’s parking lot in Albuquerque, NM after driving two LONG days from Valley Center, KS (just outside of Wichita) across the backroads of Southern Kansas, a sliver of the Oklahoma panhandle and a slice of the Texas panhandle.  We’re not sure we’ll ever again get a brush through our hair after the winds we’ve endured in Kansas this past week !  Whew !  It has been something else and without a doubt Wind Power is a viable renewable energy source for sure !!!

After a short overnight stay with Karole’s Nashville “family” (Poppy & Richard Buchanan), our first adventure began in Valley Center, KS where we met up with our friends,  Lisbeth & Cheryl, from Tuscaloosa, AL for a few days at the home of Peg Arnold, Cheryl’s awesome mom and hostess with the mostest !

We arrived at Peg’s and were greeted by all of Cheryl’s siblings & spouses and a huge home cooked meal !   From that point on, we never stopped !!   Our inaugural visit to Wichita included a killer breakfast at the super popular Doo-Dah Diner and then Lisa’s dream visit to the Nifty Nut House ( Lisbeth and Cheryl had previously brought Nifty treats to Lisa from their various trips home and she had become a huge fan and was dying to see it in person ! )  This was no ordinary trip to the nut house !  OMG!  You may have to go there to get just how incredible this place is … but the photos just may have you going online to place your order right now !  The fridge in the Chinook is now fully stocked with chocolate covered treats that will last us for weeks !  fyi:  it’s

Our adventure with the Arnold family was only beginning, but we’ll share more details about that in our next post …  stay tuned for more stories & pics from our weekend in the Flint Hills area of Kansas  and one very unique outdoor event on the prairie !

It’s closing time at Lowe’s, so we’d better turn off the lights –

Until next time –

karole & lisa

p.s.  Doo-Dah: Another name for Wichita, KS


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