Yahooo !  We accomplished one of our big tasks before departure day! Getting a Scooter rack that will carry Lisa’s wonderful SYM 125cc Scooter. It took us two different purchases, and then some very creative modifications by the wonderful guys at Trailer Specialists of Knoxville, but we did it!


Scoot and Nook can now travel together !  So we’ll have an alternate fun mode of transportation along with the Subaru we’ll have with us. And you can’t beat 100 miles to the gallon.  (Trying to figure out the whole towing the Subaru thing is a story for another time! This has been the biggest problem solving issue of all! )  For now Lisa and I will be driving alongside one another on some of our trips from point A to point B, but this was the best and smartest option for now. Even if it’s not the set up that we want.  We both decided that we’d try this for a while and we can always go to alternate options if we decide to do so.


We think Scoot and Nook are gonna get along just fine … However, when Scoot is on the back, we definitely have to maintain our current girlish figures!  Hahahahaha!  We can barely squeeze behind Scoot to access the back door, but we can do it!  And that’s only thanks to the special modifications and creative problem solving by the owner at Trailer Specialists.  Hat tip to them for a job WELL done and for taking time to really work with us to get the outcome that we wanted!

Welcome aboard, Scoot !   Let the good times roll !



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    June 8, 2017 at 2:03 am

    Hey ladies!!! I’m so excited that you are blogging. I must say I am completely envious of you…which I’ll have to pray about (lol)…and I will be loving vicariously through you beautiful friends. Be safe and enjoy every moment.

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