When thinking of different areas of interest that we’ll be sharing as TwoScruffyNomads, one of the most obvious seems to be the topic of living small and simple.  So we’ll be sharing stories related to this all along the way.  Stories both about our own personal experiences of “tiny living” as well as interesting stories of others and stories related to this topic. So first and foremost, we want to introduce “The Nook” … our very own “house on wheels.”

The Nook is no stranger to the road.  Born in 1997 and acquired by me around that time,  she has been around the country and back quite a few times!  Currently with 226,460 miles of experience under her timing belt, The Nook is still purring along just fine thanks to good upkeep and a massive blessing of getting a free brand new engine installed with around 220,000 miles on the odometer. (that’s a whole other wonderful story!)

I knew all those years ago that a Chinook was a super well made RV, but not sure I knew they were THIS well made!  I’m positively a firm believer in Fiberglass and it has served the cause extremely well !


Nookie has had a few interior design changes throughout the years, so she doesn’t look exactly like she did in 1997, but her basic bones are still intact.  I did have to buy a new A/C unit this past year (and a new fridge about 4 years ago), but I’d say the shelf lives of those two items did pretty darn well !  The image here is the “cleaned up” version.  With 2 women on board these days, it’s definitely a bit “homier” and functional-looking inside ! I’m still loving the stainless steel countertop in the kitchen that was installed about 3 years ago!

Being a lover of the outdoors, the Nook is a FINE place to call home and office!  With windows all around, I feel like I get to work outdoors all the time.  The Lola Agency gets an amazing work space regardless of where in the world we may be operating from on any given day !

Lisa and I feel that we get to LIVE LARGE IN A TINY SPACE …  One of the best perks ?  The bank doesn’t own her !  We do!



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    Su McLain

    June 16, 2017 at 4:59 am

    Thanks for taking us along! Beautiful places!

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